The Beowulf of SSC Love Stories

Above: Meag and Scott’s beautiful East Coast family!

Ladies and Gentlemen, lads and lassies, we have found it.

We’ve dug up the archives, translated it from Middle English, dusted off the parchment… is that Shakespeare’s signature at the bottom??

Alright alright, enough kidding around. Meagan and Scott, you don’t look a day older than this company (that’s 24, in case you’ve forgotten).

This next one is quite possibly the first love story ever conceived within the Sport & Social Club. Yes indeed, it is between one of our original employees and one of the very first team captains to play in our basketball leagues.

It all began in our founder’s (Kristi Herold’s) apartment, where Meag spent her summers working. Her desk was the dining room table, where she used to make phone calls to confirm registrations, inform about field changes and make food for tournaments. At nights, Meag would put up volleyball nets, visit sports fields and make sure people at the bar were having a good time. Clearly if we had our Core Value Award back then, Meag would’ve had it on her dining room table desk every damn month of the summer!

Scott was the captain of one of the first Sport & Social Club basketball teams ever. He was pretty much seeing Meag every week, and totally dug her “camp counsellor” style — not to mention her ability to rally people to the bar post-game and boot them out before last call.

As they got to talk more, they realized they had both attended the same school in Halifax: King’s College. Meag was a current student and Scott was an alumni. However, when Scott got a new job in Halifax, they were sure to set up a date and meet each other out on the East Coast!

They dated throughout the school year and fell head-over-heels.

When another school year wrapped up, Meag went back to the Sport & Social Club in Toronto for the summer and Scott went on a sailing trip in Bermuda. One day, he docked the boat and called Meag from a payphone (‘cos, like, no cell phones yet) to profess his love. He asked her to move to Halifax with him and she said yes!

Shortly after, Kristi lost her great employee but Meag and Scott found their fairytale love!


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