A Sport & Social Club Couple and their SSC Pup!

From left to right: Rebecca, Brady, and Kieran

Nine years ago, Rebecca was just a young and eager soccer player fresh out of University. She joined an individual team when she moved to Toronto with her best friend and roommate as they didn’t know many other people in Toronto that played soccer. Sport & Social Club seemed like a great way to meet like-minded, fun people through in an active game. Kieran, SSC soccer veteran, wasn’t officially on that very first individual team but he did have a friend that was. He started showing up to sub for us whenever we were low on players and very quickly officially joined the team the next season.

@bradythesuperbowlpup in charge of coaching, scouting and being a good dog.

It was love at first pass! Rebecca and Kieran have been playing co-ed soccer together ever since, every week for 9 straight years. Well, almost every week. They took breaks here and there to travel together, get married, buy a home together and adopt a 4-legged fur baby that makes appearances at the games when he’s permitted. Thank you for the option to sign up as individuals, Sport & Social Club– it gave us a wonderful family!

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