“Are You Following Me?”: Our Valentine’s Week Finale

Above: Ty and Meaghan

We always say that it was Toronto Sport & Social Club that brought us together that summer and we love that it is a part of our story.

Buckle up folks, this one’s a rhymer!

T’was the summer of 2015
When Meaghan moved to Toronto
In her view were competing soccer teams
Playing at Lampton Stadium by her condo

“That looks like fun,” she thought
“But I haven’t played in years!
What if I trip, fall, or miss the ball?
The embarrasment will bring me to tears!”

Meaghan’s first game was daunting
She almost didn’t go
“Worst case I’ll play once,
And from there I’ll be a no-show!”

But she mustered up the courage
And she greeted her new team
‘Til one player stood out
His smile was like a warm summer’s beam!

Ty was his name
He was an indie sign-up too
“Hey, you come here oft’n?”
“No I just moved here, I’m new!”

Sadly for our sweet Meaghan
Her first game was a doozy
Though Ty and the team were supportive
Meghan needed an alcoholic boozey.

While walking home from her game
Meaghan heard footsteps from behind
She thought, as most would,
“Am I about to be robbed blind?!”

“I swear I’m not following you!”
Ty’s voice put her mind at ease
“I live down the same way as you”
From there, conversation was a breeze!

They started walking together regularly
Post their weekly soccer game
At Meaghan’s building they would say goodnight
And Ty would continue down the lane

When the season end was near
Ty asked, “May I take you out, my treat?”
“Yes!” Meag said so quickly
Not missing even a quarter beat!

The rest, as they say,
Is love story hist’ry
Ty and Meaghan have dated for four years
And soon together they will marry!

Adopting a sweet little French bulldog
In the process of their love movie
Thank goodness Meaghan went to that first game
Or that would’ve been very un-groovy!


Submit YOUR Sport & Social Club Love Story this week (Feb. 10th-14th 2020) as we count down to V-Day and get a chance to win a little movie date with your better half! Just email quin.bruce@sportsocial.club (our love guru) your story, some details and a cute photo!



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Happy Valentine’s Day!