Small Turnout, Big Outcome

Above: The cutest thing EVER… And the two people holding it.

Natasha and Daman met on the same dodgeball team. Daman had a small group of friends and Natasha joined with her best friend – convincing Natasha that the Sport & Social Club is a great way to meet new people.

One night after their game, Natasha sent out a group email suggesting the team get together at a bar post-game.

No one replied. Isn’t that the worst?

Well, not no one. Daman replied. Natasha and Daman figured, “Hey, why not just go?” And what do you know, they totally hit it off!

Natasha wasted no time. Casually, she emailed Daman again asking if he wanted to hang out. Turns out Daman was secretly on the same page, except he didn’t want to make a move in case she shut him down and dodgeball got weird. When a ball rolls on the centre line, sometimes it’s best to just hold back and not risk getting pegged, y’know?

At any rate, Natasha and Daman went on their first official date and it was a smash! They’ve been together ever since, playing dodgeball weekly, and got married in the process.

Guess they really didn’t dodge a bullet here. Ha.

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