Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Date!

Above: Olivia & Jacki

Two dates in, Olivia and Jacki went for it. They signed up for dodgeball together in the Toronto Sport & Social Club.

It was November of 2017. Neither partner wanted to be the one to show doubt nor fear, but they both knew that committing to a team together was a dodgy (ha!) and ballsy (double ha!) move when you’ve just emerged from the “frequent awkward silence” phase of dating we (I) know all too well.

Regardless, they took it one game at a time. It’s been over a year now that they have been a couple and have played on three more Sport & Social Club teams since. Not only do they enjoy each other’s company in play, they really make each other better players. Jacki is the ultimate frisbee sensei—teaching Oliva flicks and hammer throws—and Olivia is the soccer guru—teaching Jacki new strikes and dekes!

Thanks for sharing your story, O&J! Now we really know how the power of sport can bring people closer together.

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