“Little Diddy… ’bout Matt & Diane”

Above: Matt and Diane, holding a volleyball… in the desert, or something.


John Cougar Mellencamp? Anyone? Bueller?

Sorry… It was so obvious…

At least that’s how Matt and Diane felt when they first caught a glance at one another on the beach volleyball courts in the Toronto Sport & Social Club.

Here’s how the tale goes…

Matt was just a sub for Diane’s team – not even on the full-time roster. Diane’s team was desperate for another male player and in comes Matt…

It must’ve felt like a movie: sand in her feet, wind blowing through her hair, Matt jogs on the court in slow-motion, Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” is playing in her head… something like that.

Anyway, back to reality. Matt and Diane clearly hit it off when they got a chance to play together. And they’ll never let anyone forget it! The wedding cake had a volleyball on it, and they even created a wedding hashtag: #LoveAtFirstSet (let’s get that trending again huh!)

“Toronto Sport & Social Club will always hold a special place in our hearts for giving us a place to meet and begin our journey together.”

And from there, life goes on!

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Valentine’s Day!