Damn Straight I Throw Like a Girl

I throw like a girl. I admit it. Guilty as charged. You know what? I’m damn proud I do.

jennie finchYou know who else throws like a girl? Jennie Finch. Finch is also capable of throwing a ball at 95 MPH, which is on par with most MLB pitchers and much harder to hit.  Take that Chris Sale.

Yet this term is still being used in a negative context, often as an insult (i.e. Andy Benoit’s ludicrous tweet). It’s time for that to change.

Personally I’m grateful to my parents for instilling the sense of power and grace that I feel when I hear the world “girl”. I was encouraged equally to try things with a wooden spoon in the kitchen and a hammer and nail in the garage. I didn’t brush my hair often but liked a fancy headband every once and while. My favourite attire was my baseball hat, Benetton rugby shirt, pretty shoes, and press on nails. I wanted to do whatever looked fun, got me the most dirty, and involved freezies; which involved everything from camping, to sports, to acting in plays.

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Looking back, I remember being told that there was always a place for me in any path I chose; I just had to find it and work hard enough at it.

This is how I ended up at the Toronto Sport & Social Club and why I’ve been here for 14 years. It’s a company that was founded by a strong, smart and insightful woman and a place where both men and women have and will always have an equal place on the court or field. There is a 50/50 split of women and men who are team captains. Women play an important role in all our co-ed sports and their strength & skills often make the difference in a championship game.

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As an employee, I am encouraged to try whatever I dream up. It is an environment that welcomes, embraces and celebrates you for what you contribute to the team, regardless of your gender. And competitive edge and “bossy-ness” is always encouraged. The backing I have from my crew here also allows me to be a kick ass mom and balance my work and personal life.

Today I’m proud to be the person people call when they can’t light the pilot light on their water heater or find the perfect gift. I pretty much do everything in my life #LikeAGirl and I am thankful to all those who have shown me how along the way.

There’s a series of powerful YouTube Videos called #LikeAGirl and I encourage you to watch it to see the power that the phrase “….Like A Girl” has on both the boys and girls of today. It’s time to change the global meaning of that phrase to be a synonym for awesome.


And if you’re REALLY still questioning the power of playing like a girl then maybe we should give Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler the last word.

~Written by Blythe Underys

Need an outlet to play like a girl? Sport & Social Club provides sports and programs for adults in the GTA. Check out www.torontossc.com for more info!