Up to Bat: The Makings of a Great Walk-Up Song

So you’ve finally made it to the big leagues.  You’ve slugged your way through triple A, the minors are in your rear view mirror and you’ve inked your first big league deal!  Gone are the days of grinding out those 12 hour road trips on the team bus.  You’re flying first class now baby!  Unlimited supply of double bubble and sunflower seeds will greet you in the clubhouse every day and you are officially living the dream.

But before you step out onto the field for your debut, you have a task that will define you as a ball player for years to come.  This is what we’ve all dreamt about since that first T-ball tryout.  I’m talking about selecting the one tool that will capture your presence at the plate.  That’s right.  It’s time to choose your walk-up song…and it better be a good one.

To help you with this very important decision, let’s go over the three main themes for walk-up songs:

1) Personal Expression

This is the one you get to choose all for  yourself. It’s your time to shine.  You’re walking up to the batter’s box with 50,000 eyes on you.  What’s going to pump you up?  What’s going to calm your nerves?  That moment at the plate is all about you and so is your walk-up song.

Who Rocks it:



2) The Shout Out

It may not be your favourite song, but you didn’t choose it for yourself. You chose it for the loyal hometown fans. You can feel their energy when you’re at the plate, so you pick a song that will get them fired up!

Who Rocks It:


3) Opponent Intimidation

Get in their head. Get in their kitchen. It’s all about throwing off your opponent and messing with their precious psyche.  Pick a song that will let them know that they are seconds away from a towering bomb going opposite field.  Music is most definitely an emotional trigger and these walk up songs prove to be powerful mind games.

Who Rocks It:


Mariano Fixed



We may not be pros, but we too have given this a lot of thought. You know, just in case we ever get called up to the Show. Here’s some of our picks:

Blythe: Van Halen – Running with the Devil.  I have a feeling she might have been front row at a couple Van Halen shows in her heyday.  Strong choice.

Rob: The Tragically Hip – The Wherewithal.  A solid intro that plays the patriotic Canadian card.  Touche Rob. Touche

Cal: Survivor – Eye of the Tiger.  If it’s good enough for Rocky, it’s good enough for me.

NurissaLuke Bryan – Country Girl Shake it For Me.  This might get her dancing in the batter’s box as opposed to hitting dingers, but I’ll allow it.

Fiona: Eminem – Lose Yourself.  “Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted.  In one moment, would you capture it, or just let it slip?”  Now that is a pump up song!

Chris: GMCFoSho – ImDaBes. “It’s a parody of most new rap. But the lyrics are pure genius after a couple listens, and what better song to walk out to than literally “I’m the best”!

Sandeep: Iron Maiden – The Trooper. When Sandeep was a little kid pretending to be a professional wrestler, this was his entrance music. Every time he hears it he’s filled with the desire to suplex someone, which you just don’t see enough of in baseball. Also, by ‘when he was a little kid’ he means ‘last week’.

What would your walk-up song be?  Comment below with your pick!

~Written by Calum McCullough

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