How To Overcome the Post Super Bowl Sunday Blues

Well the Super bowl is officially over. The keg is empty, bets are settled, and the only thing that remains is the leftover dip bowl that you forgot to rinse before going to bed last night.

As you pull yourself into work, you have the awful realization that a) football is over for the year b) it’s Monday and c) you’ve got a bad headache. It’s safe to say you’re suffering from post Super Bowl Sunday blues.

The good news is you made it to work! That’s better than say the 16.5 million Americans who called in sick. The bad news is it’s only 11 am and you still have to get through the rest of the day. Luckily we have just the cure…Deflated-NFL-Football - Copy

8 Tips for Overcoming the Post Super Bowl Sunday Blues

1) Give yourself an hour to read through all the news items, tweets and memes that are still buzzing online. Heck give yourself two hours. The boss will understand.

2) Text all your Carolina fans again this morning, just to remind them of the outcome.


3) Spend a good 20-30 minutes around the watercooler asking anyone who comes by what they thought of the game.water

4) Eat some leftover chilli for lunchchilli - Copy

5) Re-examine the stats and make mental notes for what to bet on differently next year. (Of course it would be tails!)coin toss - Copy

6) Message your buddy who won the pot last night and find out where you’re going to celebrate his win this - Copy

7) Order some comfort take-out for dinner. It’s Monday and you’re hungoverchinese-takeout-box

8) Start brushing up on your college basketball stats. March Madness is just around the corner.17297020-mmmain

Stay strong my friend, you’ve got a three day weekend coming up.

~Written by Fiona Geddes

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