SSC Rule Changes In Effect IMMEDIATELY!

Dear SSC Captains & Players,

The Sport & Social Club take our members’ safety seriously.  Undoubtedly many of you have heard about the recent changes in sports guidelines at the elementary school level in Toronto.  These new rules have been instituted keeping the safety of children top of mind.  This philosophy is one the SSC agrees with and thus in the interest of our members’ safety, we will be implementing new rules in our leagues effective immediately.

Walking Only;  In order to reduce the risk of possible injuries, the SSC will be instituting a “walking only” rule (no running) in all its sports leagues (basketball, soccer, floor hockey, softball, ultimate, flag football etc).  Many Toronto schoolyards no longer allow running in the playground at recess, thus we will follow suit.

Foam Frisbees;  We will be switching to foam Frisbees in all our ultimate leagues, away from the potentially dangerous hard plastic disc that children and adults have unwittingly been playing with since the 1970s.  Again certain Toronto schools no longer allow hard Frisbees in the playground at recess, thus it makes sense to follow suit.

No Scoring; We will no longer keep score in any of our leagues, encouraging all our participants to play for fun and think of everyone as a winner out there!  A number of local Toronto youth soccer leagues have implemented this policy to encourage the love of sport and make sure everyone feels special and this makes sense for the SSC as well.

Trophies for ALL Participants; Please note we will also now be giving ALL Sport & Social Club teams a trophy to remind you that you are all winners in our books!

New Team shirts; Lastly, we are excited to announce that the SSC has invested in a bubble wrap company called “Lirpa Loof” and by fall of 2016, we hope to supply ALL our teams with jerseys that are made out of bubble wrap.  Although these jerseys may cause excessive perspiration they will be stylish, hip and protective!

Sport & Social Club Team

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