2017 Spring / Summer Survey

Welcome to the first installment of our seasonal survey recap.  The SSC member experience is something we are focused on every day and your feedback matters! We want to keep the conversation going so we’ll be sharing seasonal member survey results on our blog. We encourage members to participate in our surveys to make sure their voice is represented!  Now on to the results…


8.68 / 10 – Head Office Staff
8.04 / 10 – Overall Experience
8.52 / 10 – Would Recommend to a Friend

Thank you, everyone!  These scores indicate a high overall satisfaction with the member experience.  Of course, we’re striving to improve every day and this is where your feedback is so valuable.  Your comments and scores are key to shaping the plans we put in place to provide the best possible experience for you.


“I absolutely loved my team! We all signed up as individuals and didn’t know each other and all joined again for the fall season as a team and plan on registering again for the winter. They are truly awesome and supportive teammates I can now call friends!”

“Your entire team is absolutely incredible! The on-site staff are extremely nice, very helpful, and always willing to help out! The games are run extremely efficiently, and always run on time, with an overall positive, fun and competitive atmosphere! Keep up the incredible work!”


“The website could be a bit easier to use. For example, it took me a really long time to figure out how to message other captains. More downtown field availability would be nice too.”

“Subbing system needs work. Would like to see a system where it’s easier to find people, and see what other teams they play on.”


We wanted to let you know that we hear you! We read each and every comment you leave. We want to be the best part of your day.  Because of that, we know there are areas we can improve on. Here are some things that are happening because of your feedback:

  • Soccerworld / The Docks Conditions: We are discussing a list of improvements for the condition of the beach volleyball courts at the Docks and Soccerworld facilities with the owner.
  • Lamport Turf: The turf at Lamport is getting replaced at the end of March. In the short term, this means we won’t have Lamport available to us next Spring/Summer but it will be back better than ever!
  • Trained On-Site Staff: Our Event Coordinators just attended our 2nd annual EC Training Day. We had 85 staff members participate. We want them to be the best they can be on-site at your game.
  • First Aid Training: 10 of our Event Coordinators are getting certified in First Aid. First aid continues to be the responsibility of the team captain but we want to empower our on-site staff as much as possible.
  • Game Times: We try our best to minimize the really early and really late games in your schedule. We are trying to offer more games at a dedicated time (i.e. Thursday Soccer at Lamport – all games at 6pm or Tuesday Ultimate/Football at Downsview – all games at 7pm).
  • Fair Skill Levels: We review every team’s past playing history and do our best to pool teams together with teams of a similar skill. Sometimes there aren’t enough teams for multiple pools. Before the start of each season, we encourage teams to move skill levels when we feel they may be playing at the wrong level.
  • Chances To Learn: If you’re truly a beginner to a sport, be sure to check out our “Learn & Play” programs or our clinics. We typically offer these programs for basketball, soccer, ultimate & volleyball (not to mention tennis, golf & squash).
  • Website Improvements: Our website is extremely important to us and to you! We have implemented 15 user experience changes based on feedback from our last survey with more improvements to come.
  • Softball Safety: The safety of softball pitchers is really important. We are looking at options to make helmets available to pitchers for next spring and summer. Updates to come.
  • Preventing Defaults: A topic that comes up here a lot is defaults. You hate them and we hate them. Did you know that almost 97% of our games get played each week? A very small percentage of games are defaults but we know it’s never fun to miss your game. We encourage teams to use the SubFinder when they don’t have enough players and follow up with teams that have defaulted their game to make sure it won’t be a habit.



Thank you again from the entire Sport & Social Club team! Make sure to check out the Winter Leagues! Winter registration will open on November 15th at 10am.