Member Experience Survey: Fall 2017

As we look ahead to our spring/summer registration (opening March 6th, 7th, and 8th), we want to take a moment to look back to the 2017 fall season to review how this season went for our members and focus on what we can improve upon for 2018.

Improving the Sport & Social Club member experience is our top priority and we once again thank all of you that took the time to complete our member survey and provide us with some very important feedback.  We encourage all members to participate in our surveys to make sure their voice is represented!  Now on to the results…


  • Overall Experience: 7.83/10
  • How Likely are You to Recommend the SSC?: 8.43/10
  • Net Promoter Score: 43.8 

Thank you, everyone!  These scores indicate a high level of overall satisfaction for members participating is SSC programs, but we recognize that we have some work to do to continue to improve.  Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience and we do have some key areas where we will be directing our attention in 2018:


We read each and every comment that is submitted to our member survey and we recognize there are definitely some areas that we can improve upon.  Here are some things that are happening because of your feedback:

  • More buffer time before games.  We have made some scheduling adjustments at certain facilities for the winter 2018 season to allow for more time before the start of games.
  • Lamport turf: The turf at Lamport is getting replaced at the end of March. In the short term, this means we won’t have Lamport available to us this spring, but it will be back better than ever this summer!
  • Engagement with on-site staff.  We continue to train and develop our team of on-site Event Coordinators and officials and we have recently instituted a few new exciting initiatives to further improve this experience for members.  Seasonal reviews and a “secret shopper” program have been added for 2018.
  • Late starting games.  We know that late starting game times can be tough for a lot of players.  We strive to minimize these times as much as possible for all teams and we continue to look for creative ways to minimize the impact of these late games.  Check out our blog on “How to Survive the (dreaded) 11pm Game” for some tips from SSC vets.
  • Skill level.  We know there is nothing more frustrating than facing a team that is playing in a league well above or below their skill level.  Our scheduling team spends dozens of hours each season reviewing league results and the previous history of teams.  Based on this information, teams are moved up or down accordingly.

Thanks again for taking the time and effort to complete the member survey and provide us with this valuable feedback.  We want to make your SSC experience the best part of your day, so please, KEEP THE FEEDBACK COMING!  You can expect to receive our next member survey in mid-March.

The Sport & Social Club Member Experience Team