Here for Beer (and Sports)

When I had the chance to interview a team called Here 4 Beer, I had a feeling I’d be in for a good time & a few laughs. And that’s exactly what I got from this veteran All Sorts of Sports squad.

Their reputation preceded them. I mean, we’ve had teams actually write in requesting to be put in their division! And I can see why – They’re a fun-loving, beer-loving, group of friends who are guaranteed to improve your night.

On a cold December night the team gathered at St. Louis Bar & Grill for their end of season drinks, and here’s what they had to say…

Tell me a bit about the team history. What kept you coming back all these years?

We all joined either as individuals or through friends. The team friendships we’ve made keep us coming back…and the post-game beer…oh, and the sports!

Here 4 beer 5All Sorts of Sports is a very different type of TSSC league, what about it do you enjoy?

We like the variety of playing a different sport each week (read: we’re not particularly good
at any one sport).

Here 4 Beer 3
Here 4 Beer showing off their volleyball skills

A team like yours seems incredibly close, do you have any pre- or post- game rituals?

We almost always do post game dinner/drinks – we are Here 4 Beer after all! We sometimes try pre-game drinks but that doesn’t usually work out very well.

The Famous "It's Been a Slice" Goalie
The Famous “It’s Been a Slice” Goalie

How about a best team memory?

Our goalie once used a pizza box as a hockey blocker – It’s been a slice!

What’s the secret to keeping the team bond going?

After each season we have a post season party and we often get together to do various activities: annual ski trips, white water rafting, camping, friendship rides, BBQs, concerts, etc.

What advice can you give to new teams who want to make the most of their TSSC experience?

With regards to All Sorts of Sports, have fun and don’t take it too seriously – it’s a rec league!

So there you have it, Here 4 Beer has found the true recipe for a perfect Wednesday night: friends, beer and oh ya, sports!

Here 4 Beer's Current Team Photo
Here 4 Beer’s Current Team Photo

~Written by Michelle Roberts

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