Sports & Love: Advice from The Playmaker

If you’ve read our 10 commandments of sports ( then you’ve heard our patron rule Thou Shalt Not Sleep with a Team Member. But it seems this rule often falls on deaf ears. All too many times we’ve seen teammates rounding first and going for the double (and we’re not talking about our softball leagues).

Don’t get us wrong, when it works it works really well! (We’ve heard of tons of success stories over the years). But sometimes it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t, we hear about it – and that’s when we have to call in The Playmaker. Check out some of the advice our Playmaker has had to dole out in the past. And don’t worry if you can relate; you’re not the first.


Dear Playmaker: My boyfriend is the WORST! Sorry, I should say EX-boyfriend!  All our friends have been playing on a basketball team together and now he decides it’s not going to work out between us. We were together for FOUR years and suddenly it’s not going to work out?!   Anyway I definitely can’t play on the same team with him, but he’s insisting on going to our game next Wednesday because it’s the championship game. These people were my friends first; shouldn’t I get to keep the team in the break up?!  Now if we both go to the game, it’s going to be awkward for everyone!  What should I do?

Heart through the Hoop

Dear Hoop: Sorry to hear it didn’t work out between you two! Navigating through the details of a breakup is always an emotional experience.  But sometimes you have to suck it up for the team’s sake. Don’t forget, there are coveted SSC Champ Tees on the line here, not to mention bragging rights! I’d suggest you put your brave face on, be the bigger person and tell your ex that you’re ok if he goes to the game. Boom, you just came out on top for being so mature. And Bonus – sports is a great reliever of aggression. Just picture the basketball as his head!


Dear Playmaker: So I’m wondering if you can help me out! There is this really cute guy that plays on another team in my Ultimate league at Lamport. We’ve played each other once (about 4 weeks ago) and I’m pretty sure that he’s supposed to be my next boyfriend. He was super cute, and even helped me off the field when I tripped over my own feet (because I was watching him make a spectacular catch) and sprained my ankle.  How should I get his attention? And more importantly, when do we play each other again?! It’s been over a month and I can’t stop thinking about him!

Ultimately in Love

Dear Ulti: Sounds like love is in the air at Lamport Stadium!  You’re definitely not the first SSC member looking for love on the field. Other people may tell you to make sure your hair look cute and your “sporty make up” is ready for the game. But not me! Instead wow him with your Ultimate skills!  Get your teammates on board too….they can help by throwing you that perfect long bomb to the end zone! Looks like your teams are squaring off again next week. Whatever you do, don’t let him win!  And you may want to invite his team out for a post-game beverage! Perfect opportunity to chat him up about the game and show him how cool you are. Good luck!

Dear Playmaker: I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a pickle. I signed up for beach volleyball as an individual and, I’m not going to lie, I was hoping to meet some girls. And I was pretty stoked when I met my new teammate, Stephanie**. And she seemed into me too! Our team was terrible at volleyball, but we always celebrated our losses with a few post-game beers, which of course then led to a drunken hook up with Stephanie. The next day she disappeared pretty quickly so I was excited to see her again at volleyball. But her and her two friends have been no shows for the past 2 weeks! Now we keep forfeiting because we don’t have enough girls at our games! The guys know we hooked up and they blame me. Can you help??


Dear Beached: Uh oh, sounds like you broke one of our commandments in co-ed rec sports – Don’t “Sleep With” Your Teammates (until Week 5.) In order to salvage the season, I’d say it’s time for you to ask all the girls you know (and don’t want to have sex with) to join your team! I’d also suggest you read this article and think about what you’ve done.

*Names have been changed to protect members’ identity

~Written by Jennifer Filippelli

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