Sex and Sports: Witty Team Names or Vulgar Innuendos?

In an adult recreational sports league, do you think team names should be censored or restricted in anyway?

This has recently been the case in Calgary where recreational teams with offensive or sexually suggestive names will not be allowed to play on City property.  This new by-law has proven to be quite controversial in the city and the debate rages on.

Certainly, a firm line can (and should) be drawn for any name that even borders on racist, sexist or homophobic references. But, what about sexual innuendos? Would a ban on sexual content make us prudish or proper?

tumblr_lpzuxurMTW1qzjr8oo1_500We took a look at our own teams from this past season. Here are the 40 best/worst team names (depending on how you feel about the topic) from Winter 2015.

NOTE: All of these teams play in either a co-ed or women’s only league and all participants are 18+.


Did these names make you laugh or make you angry? We want to hear about it. Leave us a comment below!

~Written by Rob Davies

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