Other Ways the Maple Leafs Could Have Spent $50M

With the recent hiring of Mike Babcock as head coach, the Toronto Maple Leafs have more than doubled the salary paid to any NHL coach, ever.  $50 million dollars is a lot of money, even for a monster company like MLSE but only time will tell if they will regret this decision. To put this preposterous number into context, here are other items that Babcock’s money could have purchased for the team.

35,971,223 Bacon Cheeseburgers from the value menu at McDonalds.  This may not be the best off-season nutrition item, but you know it would put the smile back on Kessel’s face.


Goalies: As in, the services of Carey Price + Henrik Lundqvist + Pekke Rinne + Tukku Rask + Ryan Miller + Jonathan Quick for one year. Ok, so maybe these players are not for sale by their current teams and the Leafs would have to get really creative with their salary cap. But, goaltending is an issue, right? Plus, you would still have $10M leftover to pay Luongo and Fleury.


(Most of ) this home in Vancouver, recently selling for an insane $51M.  Now, if only the team had an expendable defenseman with questionable leadership skills that could be moved to the west coast…


Booking Celine Dion for intermission entertainment for ALL home games. It won’t get the crowd going, but no one is cheering anyway.


A $70 coupon for wings at Real Sports for each of Strombo’s 704,000 Twitter followers. Let’s face it, George has a young, hip, desirable audience and he is the today and tomorrow of Hockey Night in Canada. Plus, as a Habs fan, Strombo is on to something.


250 free beers for each season ticket holder. And, we are talking about the medium sized ones at regular inflated ACC prices. No self respecting Canadian can make a small beer last an entire period and the big ones don’t have the slurpy lids.


Round the world trips for the entire roster. Sure, it may take 2 years to complete this trip, but that timing seems about perfect for the rebuild.


172,000 replica Stanley Cups.  I know, it’s not like the real thing. But this one is made of “high quality plastic” and it comes with a certificate. The best part is that you can have it in 2 days via Amazon. The wait is over!


~Written by Rob Davies


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