Top 5 Leagues to ‘Score’ In

Who needs Tinder when you have Sports! While your phone app may be able to tell you about every bachelor/bachorlette within 50 km, when it comes to actually scoring on and off the field nothing compares to our leagues. Bonus: you get to find out if they’re good with their hands before committing to an evening out.

Our team of researchers did their homework and have come up with SSC’s top 5 leagues to score in, just in time for summer registration! Here they are:

1. Beach Volleyball

Babes in bikinis and dudes without shirts, need I say more? There’s no better way to meet your soul mate than at the beach. No shirts, no shoes, no problem! Come summertime there’s no shortage of short shorts and muscle shirts down at the docks. Add in an ideal testing ground for hand coordination and a cozy 8 metres wide box and beach volleyball is your No. 1 destination for intimacy.

beach volleyball

2. Bowling

Mood lighting, and disco balls makes bowling leagues basically dance parties. What better way to meet your future spring fling or future soul mate than on the proverbial dance floor. And of course it sets the mood for all the lame ‘ball’ jokes you can think of. Trust me, it’s the best league to get her mind in the gutter.


3. Innertube Waterpolo

In this appearance obsessed world of ours, no place is better to check out someone’s goods than innertube water polo. Speedos, bikinis and your elementary school chair wrapped around your waist will have all the suitors calling. Nothing says romance like inflatable plastic. If you’re allergic to latex though this isn’t for you.

An intertube water polo player gets ready to throw the ball. (CU Independent/Robert R. Denton)

4. Curling

You may not spot any bikinis at the rink but no sport is more social than curling. Win, lose, or draw the best part about curling is the beer after each and every game. Not to mention the lack of sweat and the way your hair stays perfect! Plus, if she’s cold you can always use your body heat to warm her up.


5. Touch Football

The name alone makes this sport an easy add to the list. Feel free to get up close and personal with your opponents in this league… it’s in the rules for goodness sake. We say no contact, but we all know there’s just enough contact to make flirtation seem like child’s play.

Don’t believe us? Ask Becky “Icebox” O’Shea who knows all about Love and Football.


And remember, sports fans, if all else fails you can always call on the Leafs to help you score. Or maybe not.


~Written by Nurissa McWilliam

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