Why Fighting In Your Rec League is a BAD IDEA

It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s ugly. It’s also preventable, uncalled for, uncomfortable, and most of all embarrassing. That’s right… I’m talking about the infamous rec league fight (or as I like to call it, ROCK BOTTOM).

To the majority of the adult recreational sports population, the sheer idea of this happening is ridiculous.  I mean, we all pay good money to come out each week, get in a good workout, hang out with friends, and meet some cool new people.  Nobody shows up looking for fisticuffs. But alas, from time to time frustration and anger gains the upper hand.  Here at SSC HQ, we have probably heard every excuse in the book as to why a fight started:

“But he slashed my girlfriend!”Bobby Boyfriend
“She pushed me first!  It was self defense.”Retaliating Rhonda
“The guy refused to shake my hand after!”Sensitive Sammy
“He’s been fouling me all game, I had to do something.”Ron Artest aka Meta World Peace aka The Pandas Friend

I realize for the most part I am preaching to the choir. But for the violent minority I think a quick reminder as to why getting involved in a Donnybrook in your weekly rec league is a stupid idea. And in order to do so, I’ve enlisted the help of a good friend of the Sport & Social Club; Captain Obvious.


cpt obvious 1

 Captain Obvious’ Reason #1:

There are repercussions.  Probably the most obvious reason of them all. You can’t punch someone on the street.  If you do, you get arrested or charged and it’s just a bad scene.  The same applies during your rec floor hockey game.  At the very least you’re looking at some serious disciplinary action from the league and let’s face it, playing with the Sport & Social Club is fun! You don’t want to miss out.  Don’t get in a fight at your game.


cpt obvious 2.png
Captain Obvious’ Reason #2:

Your friends and teammates don’t appreciate it.  Simply put, nobody likes playing with “that guy” or “that girl”.  Even if you’re in a bad mood and take exception to that stare down from the guy on the other team, chances are your friends and teammates are not looking for a fight.  They’re all there for the right reasons: to get in a solid workout and have a fun game. They don’t want to break up a fight and deal with the fallout.  Don’t ruin their night; it’s selfish.  Don’t get in a fight at your game.

Captain Obvious’  Reason #3:

You most likely have to work cpt obvious 3.pngtomorrow.  Surprisingly, attempting to explain your black eye during an important client meeting will most likely not start the relationship off on the right foot.  Even if you don’t have to meet the clients, the black eye and cut lip is not a good look for the office and you’re going to feel pretty crappy the next day.  Don’t get in a fight at your game.

Captain Obvious’  Reason #4:sandeep

You’re not going to make it to “the show”.  I hate to break it to you, but there are no scouts at Sport & Social Club games looking for the next Darcy Tucker.  I mean, Sandeep might be there taking action shots, but your tough play and sandpaper attitude won’t impress him either.  He’s a lover not a fighter.

Nobody wants to see a tough guy on the court/field/ice.  You’re not impressing anyone with your aggressive play, witty chirps, or solid right hook; least of all that cute girl on the other team who you’ve been flirting with for two seasons.  Don’t get in a fight at your game.


Bottom line: don’t do it.  It’s not worth it.  Take the high road and remember why you signed up to play in the first place:  For your friends.  For the workout.  For the love of the game.  Have a great time and play hard, but don’t get into a fight. Trust me, it’s ROCK BOTTOM.

no time

 *This article was co-written by Captain Obvious and Calum McCullough

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