Another Season in the Books!

At the end of every season we, here at SSC HQ, like to take a moment to look back and reflect on some of the highlights of the last three months.

This winter we had thousands of members come out to play with the Sport & Social Club.

We witnessed these members share in a few laughs,DSC_0334

and dive in head first,DSC_0591

to learn a new sport!DSC_0144

We loved seeing all of you jump off the couch,DSC_0052

don your spiffy new uniforms,DSC_0114

and hurry hard after work,DSC_0070

to pull up at the gym,DSC_0174

and prepare to face off against your opponents!DSC_0178


After all the plays had been drawn up,DSC_0292

and you kicked up some sand,DSC_0229

you always took a moment to congratulate your teammate on a job well done.DSC_0121

We watched you treat your team like family,DSC_0459

and encouraged each other to keep going,DSC_0014 (2)

and after a few short months, all of that hard work paid off…DSC_0369

So with another season in the books, we want to thank all of you for making this winter one to remember.

Now, it’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy the off season with a pint (or two) before we head back to the great outdoors!SMC Outdoor

~Written by Grant Winter

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