Sumo or Oil Wresting? Check out these National Sports

Okay, easy question: what is Canada’s national sport? Yes, of course – hockey! But wait, you are only half correct.

Canada’s also has an official summer sport: lacrosse.  For the 23% of Canadians that get that question wrong, shame on you. Please turn in your Canadian passport, along with your supply of maple syrup and your polar bear hunting license. (normally we would ask you to return your BlackBerry, but we know you don’t have that any more).

What about the national sport of other countries? Check out these ones. Some are obvious, but others may surprise you.

 flag-of-Italy Italy Football
(yes, you can call it soccer)
It is a beautiful game, even if the Italians have a reputation (fairly or not) for diving.
scotland_640 Scotland Golf Golf originated in Scotland around 1497, and has been associated with the Scots ever since.
 flag-of-China China   Table Tennis The Chinese seem to excel at a lot of sporting activities these days, but this may be their best.
 flag-of-United-States-of-America  USA  Baseball Hey, it’s America’s game…just not this year, right?
anguilla  Anguilla  Yacht Racing Probably not the cheapest sport to play as a child.
 flag-of-Ireland Ireland Gaelic Games Gaelic football, hurling, handball and rounders. Add in some Guiness and we have a tournament!
 JAPA0001 Japan Sumo Wrestling We need more activities that require a daily intake of 10,000 calories.
 flag-of-Lithuania Lithuania Basketball I know a handful of Lithuanians and they are all pretty tall. I see what is going on here.
 flag-of-Philippines Philippines Arnis A martial art that involves fighting with sticks and other weapons.
 flag-of-Romania Romania Oină  A bat and ball game with similarities to baseball and cricket.
 flag-of-Turkey Turkey Oil Wrestling I am betting this is way harder and less sexy than it sounds.
 flag-of-Norway Norway Cross Country Skiing Norwegians love the flat snow.
 flag-of-Colombia Columbia Tejo  A puck is thrown towards a clay covered board set at a 45 degree angle. Think horseshoes.
flag-of-Chile Chile Chilean Rodeo A twist on North American style rodeos where calves are pinned against large cushions.
 flag-of-Afghanistan Afghanistan Buzkashi Horse-mounted players attempt to drag a goat carcass towards the goal.  I can’t make this stuff up.
 flag-of-Nepal Nepal Dandi Bayo Wooden sticks fling wooden pins, played in a format that resembles cricket.

What other countries have interesting or surprising national sports? Let us know!

~Written by Rob Davies

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