Top 5 Most Anticipated Sport Events of the Summer (and where to watch them.)

I don’t know about you, but my TV is about 24”, my couch is off Kijiji, and I haven’t done groceries since there was snow on the ground. So when it comes to watching the big game, I’ve done some serious experimentation in getting out of the house and to the perfect venue. I believe it’s my duty, as an avid sports fan, and a proud Torontonian, to share this wealth of knowledge with you all.

I hereby present to you, Toronto’s top 5 sporting events of the summer, and where to watch them:

1. The Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics (August 5th 2016)


Who could forget the opening of the 2012 London Summer Olympics? That giant Voldemort still haunts me… Thank goodness Rio de Janeiro is more famous for things like Carnival.

Where to Watch – Nathan Phillips Square: The City may have broken our hearts by saying “no” to the 2024 Olympic bid, but at least Nathan Phillips Square will be airing it live.

Alternative – Dog’s Bollock’s
: With TVs and projection screens everywhere and some of the cheapest pitchers in the city, you can catch every jab, sprint and cartwheel at this laid-back Toronto sports bar.

2. UEFA Euro Cup (June 10th to July 10th 2016)

euro cup 2

The UEFA Euro Cup returns to France this year and promises to be filled with some fantastic matches!

Where to Watch – SSC Euro Cup Tournament:  Because, why not play for the country of your choice and watch the tournament live at the same time?!

Alternative – The Dog & Bear:  One of Toronto’s best “real football” pubs. You can be sure they won’t miss a match!

3. The NBA Finals (Commencing June 2nd 2016)


Although our Raptors had their NBA finals dreams cut short on Friday, you still won’t want to miss the chance to see two basketball giants go head-to-head in this series.

Where to Watch – Jurassic Park:  Too soon?

Alternative – Real Sports Bar & Grill:  If you can get a table at this hot spot, you’re guaranteed a sports bar experience like no other!

4. The NHL Finals (Commencing May 30th 2016)


It won’t be the match up Canadians were hoping for, but it’s still the NHL finals. And we wouldn’t be true Canucks if we didn’t pay some respect to the best in the sport

Where to Watch – Wayne Gretzky’s Muskoka Cottage:  We’re expecting this to pop up on Airbnb any day now.

Alternative – Wayne Gretzky’s Toronto:  As the hockey hub of Toronto, there is no greater place (get it?) to watch an NHL game. Did we mention they have a rooftop patio?

5. The Blue Jays vs Royals Series (July 4th – 6th 2016)


It’s the rematch of the summer, and it’s on our home turf.

Where to Watch – The Rogers Center:  Duh!
Alternative – The Contender:  With sports memorabilia on every wall, and some of the best appetizer deals around, why not grab a cold one and check out the game at this Dundas West hang-out.

So there you have it Toronto! Your summer plans are officially set. And whether it’s victory or defeat, I can promise you it’s better to have a beer in hand and new friends all around.

~Written by Michelle Roberts

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