Getting All Sorts of Fit!

Who ever said blogging for TSSC was “no sweat”? That’s right faithful readers, this Summer I threw myself deep into the trenches just so I could give you a review of one of TSSC’s latest programs: All Sorts of Fitness. This program promises eight weeks of various fun, but intense, work outs. I’ve highlighted four of the programs that will be returning for the fall. So read on to follow my journey of blood, sweat and tears (mostly sweat).

Spin Class at Mayfair Lakeshore


Review: Wow – they weren’t kidding when they said intense! Week 1 started off with a bang with this high-energy work out. The coach was amazing, encouraging everyone to push themselves to their individual max, but no further. The goal here was just to keep your legs moving! Loved the music and the energy, hated the walk up the stairs that followed.
Difficulty Rating: 7/10
Pro Tip: They wear padded shorts for a reason.

CrossFit at Reebok Liberty Village


Review: Honestly, this was the class I was most nervous about. My perception of CrossFit was that it was going to be walking around a gym lifting very heavy things and then putting them back down. While okay there was some of that, but this class was so much more – and ended up being my favorite. The combination of cardio, gymnastics, weightlifting, and most importantly the sense of community, all contributed to a pretty awesome work out.
Difficulty Rating: 8/10
Pro Tip: Google the abbreviations beforehand to look like you know what you’re doing. You don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t know what AMRAP is.

Bootcamp with Lhara Eben


Review: A staple fitness program in the TSSC family, Lhara has perfected the group work out. On a hot day in Christie Pitts, where I was already sweating when I arrived, I was a bit tentative to see how this would go without rows of work out machines. Cue the hill runs, burpees and (everyone’s favourite) squats! This work out is incredibly legit.
Difficulty Rating: 7/10
Pro Tip: In the Fall this program moves indoors – so trying to copy it from behind a tree with your closest pal (à la “Bridesmaids” style) won’t quite work.

Surfset at SURFSET Toronto


Review: I walked into this class with zero expectations, mostly because I had no idea what it was. Picture yourself balancing on a surfboard, NOT on waves, but on three stability balls! While it took a while to get adjusted, I immediately started feeling the burn as my muscles went to work trying to keep me upright. Throw in some work-outs on top of all of that, and you’ll understand the craze over this core work-out. I’m fully a believer now!
Difficulty Rating: 8/10
Pro Tip: Board shorts aren’t necessary here, and if anything make you look a bit ridiculous at this class. Trust me on that one.

Whether you’re a fitness class newbie, looking for a new challenge, or just a bit indecisive, then I would fully recommend this program for you. It’s not easy to put yourself out there and try something new, so you might as well do it with others in the same boat!

~ Written by Michelle Roberts

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