Why ECs have the BEST JOB EVER!

Our Sport & Social Club Event Coordinators (ECs) are the awesome people who oversee your game each week and we’re pretty convinced they have the best job in the city. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get paid to watch adult rec leaguers such as yourselves dominate the hardwood on a nightly basis?

But we’re a little biased so don’t take our word for it!

We’ve asked some of our veteran ECs why they keep coming back season after season. Here’s what they have to say:

  1. There’s Flexibility with Shifts and Hours

“I love the flexible schedule – from the preference survey to the email correspondence to the EC confirmation profile mark. There is a lot of flexibility built into the system.” – Kamila Duda, Event Coordinator


  1. The One Liners Are Pretty Epic!

“When I ask a player if they’re ready to start, very often I hear, ‘I was born ready.’ If I have one regret in all my years as an EC it’s that I never carried a pitch counter to keep track of how many times I’ve heard that line” – Alex Leonard, Event Coordinator


  1. You Develop Great Relationships with Members and Other TSSC Staff

“It can be a little strange working the complete opposite hours of ‘normal working people’, but almost everyone you encounter through TSSC makes your job a lot easier and also more entertaining” – Evan Peaslee, Event Coordinator


  1. Opportunity to Work All Over The City

“I really like the fact that you are not always at the same location every day. It breaks up the same daily routine” – Paul Santos, Event Coordinator


  1. You’re Not Glued To A Chair All Day Long

“It’s nice to be outdoors (barring certain seasons) and I love getting to walk around. I’ve experienced the opposite in an office all day so the difference is really noticeable for me” – Mohamed Jaffer, Event Coordinator


“I feel really proud working for the largest adult sports company in the country!” – Paul Santos, Event Coordinator

If you want to be part of the best sports team around, please email your cover letter and resume to nurissa@torontossc.com

~ Written by Nurissa McWilliam

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