How to be Single on Valentine’s Day

February 14th – Valentine’s Day, named after Saint Valentine. That one day of the year defined by red roses, chocolates and expressing your ever-lasting love to your “valentine”.

Sounds sweet and romantic, doesn’t it? In reality, the roots of February 14th are not exactly so warm and cuddly, but rather bloody and gruesome. Valentine’s Day represents the death of St. Valentine, who the Romans executed in February. Not sure what happened along the way, but nowadays Valentine’s takes on a bit of a different meaning.

While I take my hat off to all those who have someone special in their lives. There are still many others who will be spending the day solo. Check out our 7 points on how to successfully get through Valentine’s Day as a single person.

1. Avoid Couples – Spend more time with your single friends and less time around couples. This includes avoiding social media so you don’t see your lovesick friends posting with lovey dovey captions, #lucky and heart emoji after heart emoji.


2. Wine and Pizza – if you are going to be alone, you might as well be alone with wine and pizza. Have wine and pizza ever let you down? Side note: you won’t have to share.

blog353. Money – Remind yourself that while everyone else is blowing their savings on flowers, chocolates and jewelry, you aren’t. Fun fact: Did you know men dish out more than women ($219 vs $109)?
valentine heart shape made by dollars isolated
4. Netflix – Binge watch Netflix! May I suggest “How to be Single”? blog-photo1
5. Fifty Shades Darker – In theaters NOW, go see it! Alone! Get LOTS of popcorn with extra butter! fifty
6. Single and looking for a man? Head to Saguenay, Quebec – it is Canada’s most male populated area. Looking for a woman?  Head east to St. John’s Newfoundland or Saint John, New Brunswick. If a trip out east sounds a little far fetched, don’t worry, you live in the biggest city in Canada, and there are plenty of single people here!
blog77. Most importantly, celebrate being single! – This is the time to grow, change, learn and progress on your own. Don’t wait until it’s too late – you’ve got lots of living to do!


Whether you are avoiding the Valentines Day madness or looking to meet a new special someone, we have a solution: go play in your floor hockey, football, basketball or dodgeball league! You never know who may be there… and SSC has a long history of playing match-maker!


PS: Take advantage of all the discounted chocolate on February 15th.blog5

– From one single girl to another, stay beautiful my friends!

~ Written by Katherine Force

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