Spring into Sports!

Spring is right around the corner and we are so excited to get back outside!

With registration opening on Tuesday, March 7th we can’t wait to line you up with some stellar sports programs this season. We are also pretty excited to get our own teams back in action too!

Here are a few leagues our staff are looking forward to joining:


Tina –  Central Tech Soccer on Fridays: “Best part about playing soccer on Fridays are the patio beers with the team after!”

Emma – St. Mike’s Pre-Spring Soccer: “I can’t wait to get outside and this is a nice short season for me to try soccer for the first time!”

Rob: Sunnybrook Soccer 11s: on Sundays: “My team is taking a break this season but I’m excited to sub for any soccer 11s teams out there.”

Fiona: Lamport Soccer on Thursdays: “My team is reunited after taking a season off and it’ll be awesome getting back outside.”


Dragon Boat

Nurissa & Zoe: Dragon Boat(ing?) on Tuesdays: “Excited to try a new sport and enjoy some time on the water during the (hopefully) nice spring weather!”


Beach Volleyball

Michelle – Beach Volleyball (The Docks): “The best combo. I get to play sports, then walk 15 feet and have a beer with friends!”

Joey – Beach Volleyball (The Docks): “Three words: Babes, Bikinis and Beers.”



Cole – Kickball (Back Campus) on Wednesdays: “It reminds me of the show Recess and I am super excited to play!”

Katherine – Kickball (Riverdale Park) on Fridays: “I’ve never tried it but it looks like so much fun.”kickball


Calum – Softball West of Bathurst on Mondays at 6:30: “Some new dedicated leagues and umpired leagues as well as some more downtown league options on the weekend. Lots to choose from this spring/summer it’s hard to decide which to pick!”

Evan – East of Dufferin Softball on Mondays: “Nothing says summer more than sunshine, patio beers and baseball.”


Inner Tube Water Polo

Jen K. – Inner Tube Water Polo on Sundays: “This is the most ridiculous sport ever and so much fun! Trying to move around in an inner tube is surprisingly hard and a great work out.”


This season we have new sports, new leagues and lots of options! Which league are you most looking forward to?

~ Written by Zoe Varga