10 Things to Pack in your Sports Bag

Spring season is getting underway and we want to make sure you’re prepared for it! Here are 10 items that absolutely everyone should carry in their sports bags. Happy packing!


1. Water bottle

This goes without saying, right?! It is getting hot out (finally!) and you have a lot of running to do. Don’t forget to stay hydrated out there.waterbottle


2. Dark & Light Shirt

There’s nothing more embarrassing than passing to the wrong team. Make sure your team is prepared! If your team has custom uniforms, that’s great. If they’re reversible – even better! Always check the other team’s colour in advance so you don’t show up wearing the same thing. That’s embarrassing.

thing 1 and thing 2.png

3. Ball Pump

Trust us, you don’t want the reputation of being the “Deflategate” guy/girl. Bring a pump!
deflated football


4. First Aid Kit

We try our best to provide our staff with first aid kits, but we suggest you bring your own too! Safety is a priority and you can never be too prepared. Sprained ankles are never fun and they are even less fun without ice!injury


5. Sunscreen

For real, this little bottle could save your life. Lather up before letting loose! Even late day sun can burn our fairer members.


6. Hair Elastic

Ladies and gents get your flow under control! Don’t forget to bring a hair elastic (and maybe extras for that teammate who always forgets).troypola



7. Wallet

Don’t end the fun early, grab your teammates and head to the local bar for some post-game beers! Make sure to treat the game MVP!beer


8. Change of Clothes

Win or lose, you’ve worked hard during your game and likely are a wee bit sweaty. We suggest bringing an extra pair of socks and new shirt. It will make you feel and smell fresher! See #7 for another reason why this is important!sweaty dude


9. Change of shoes

What’s worse? Playing your game in your dress shoes or driving home in your cleats? Answer – they are both terrible! Don’t forget to bring the the right shoes!soccer and shoes


10. Cell phone

Last but not least, don’t forget your phone! How else are you going to snap an Instagram?? Did it even happen if there isn’t a photo? #TSSCselfie

~ Written by Zoe Varga

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