Kamila: Why I Became an EC

After surgery, I could barely stand with my newly found permanent metal. It took the help of two occupational therapists before I could find the strength to stand upright to leave the hospital with only a walker.  My first accomplishment! 😊

Before long the walking cast came off and I felt good to go.  I may have been a bit ambitious though as it was shortly after that I got my first over-use injury (apparently, I went too fast!).

Around this time I received an email from the Sport & Social Club saying they were looking for part-time event coordinators to oversee the games onsite. I had played dodgeball with TSSC in the past and thought why not? I’ve always loved playing sports and have been active for most of my life. This was a great way to stay involved with sports without playing them. As a jack of all trades, I asked to be involved in a variety of sports as an EC.


My journey as an EC started with floor hockey. The goalies were usually there really early to get into their equipment and warm up.  Right from the start, I could see the dedication and love for the game.  It’s recreational, this isn’t the NHL, but they are focused and dedicated.  Making small-talk, getting their insights into what they thought of the game, always made me smile.  I loved watching how passionate the players were. The smiles and excitement from goals were contagious!


Frisbee and beach volleyball players were somewhat similar, very self-organized and positive. The love they have for their sport is evident and you can tell this is their opportunity to relax and unwind after a long day of work


Soccer has been the most prominent sport for most of my life. Some of my favorite moments as an EC have come from the respect for the soccer whistle and how quick disagreements are settled and games played on. It’s soccer and we love it… it sometimes leads us to act silly, but as adults, we know when we are going too far!  It is great to see people put differences aside and just play a fun game.

Going from being a very active person to working through an injury has been hard, especially not being able to play sports. But staying involved in games from the sidelines has been an awesome experience. Every player has meant something to me and has helped pushed me back into it. (In fact, recently I started hiking!) I still haven’t played in a league, but it’s next, and I know the support I’ll get from my fellow teammates and TSSC will make it a fun and a rewarding experience.


Thank you to all those members I’ve met each evening! Whether you know it or not, each of you have helped me stay in touch with sports when I couldn’t play, and have kept me motivated on the road to recovery. I want to thank each and every one of you for coming out and just being you.

~ Written by Kamila D.

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