The Launch of 100 Love Stories

Love is in the air. It’s also on the court.

Playing in sports leagues is a great way to meet people, make new friends, and even find that special someone. This Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing the story of two of our members that fell in love while playing with the Sport & Social Club. Every month we’ll introduce you to a new couple and share their #SSCLoveStory.

Tara & Ryan’s Story


“Dear TSSC,

We got married this past summer and it’s all your fault! Ryan and I signed up for Monday All Sorts of Sports as individuals and you guys put us on the same team. We quickly bonded over our shared love of obscure Canadian synthpop bands.

In spite of a first season that ended with Ryan throwing a frisbee directly into my teeth and what could charitably be described as “worse-than-that-time-grandpa-ran-over-the-cat”, a bunch of us re-reg’d the next season and a core group of us have been together for one sport or another ever since.

At our wedding, Ryan’s Best Man was Marlon, which is fitting since Marlon was on the original ASOS team. In fact, a large number of our guests consisted of current and former teammates that we have met over the last few years through the TSSC; teammates that we now consider good friends. We just want to say thanks for inadvertently introducing us to each other and for your general awesomeness.”

Tara & Ryan, thank you for sharing your story and enjoy the rest of your lives together.