The March Madness Team Name Challenge is Back.

Time to Vote for Your Favourite Sport & Social Club Team Name!

8 regions, 64 teams, but only 1 can come out victorious.

It’s time for the 2019 Sport & Social Club March Madness Team Name Challenge! Vote for your favourite team names for ultimate team name glory. What teams will bust this bracket? You decide!

Lots of good storylines heading into this year’s tournament. Will the 2018 champs, Chewblocka, retain their title?

Coming in hot out of Mississauga, there’s lots of great potential this year from the individual teams. In fact, all 8 submissions are individual teams. We’ll have to keep a close tab on that region.

New to the game this year, will our American friends south of the border make a splash in their inaugural tournament appearance?

Will our northern friends from Sudbury melt the competition and have one of their team’s come out victorious?

In a sizzling first round match-up, who will come out on top between basketball teams KyrieOnMyHaywardSon and Olden State Warriors?

These questions will be answered, upsets will happen, and one team in the Sport & Social Club will become champions! Vote NOW!

Results will be updated on March 23, and the winners of each poll will move on to the 2nd round.