ROUND 2- March Madness Team Name Challenge

Round 2 is here!

Vote for your favourite teams to help them move on in the Sport & Social Club March Madness Team Name Challenge!

After a huge round one win with over 70% of the votes in their poll, Irritable Bowl Syndrome (Bowling, Toronto) is carrying their momentum and looking to get through to round three, in a battle against Empire Spikes Back (Volleyball, York).

Hamilton’s own Swish Chalet (Basketball) came out with a saucy narrow victory, taking home 51.69% of their votes to just get by. Let’s see if they can keep their magic going with a second round matchup vs Win or Booze (Backyard Games, Grand Rapids), who trounced their opponent’s with 70% of the votes in round one.

Liver Let Die (Bar Games, Toronto) was liverally (see what we did there?) crushing the competition, with the biggest round one victory, achieving over 80% of their votes. Let’s see if Hoops, I did it again! (Basketball, York) can pull off a Cinderella story here.

Round one was spectacular, so let’s see what round two has in store. VOTE for your favourite teams!

Voting ends on March 24th, with winners advancing to the Sweet 16.