The Elite Eight are here!- March Madness Team Name Challenge

And then there were eight! The Elite Eight to be exact.

Vote for your favourite teams to help them move on to the Final Four in the Sport & Social Club March Madness Team Name Challenge.

The Sweet 16 saw the fall of two regions, as the pair of Mississauga and York teams couldn’t pull out victories. Looks like Netstix and Chill (Floor Hockey, York) will switch their sticks for some Netflix, as they’re headed home. In a heroic run of individual teams, Mississauga came up short, as both Indy and a Jones (Soccer, Mississauga) and Where my pitches at? (Softball, Mississauga) fell short, leaving the teams wondering where their voters at?

In the upset of the challenge, Irritable Bowl Syndrome (Bowling, Toronto) is headed home! After breezing their way through the first two rounds, the bowling team from Toronto threw some gutterballs on their way to defeat at the hands of Mid-Ice Crisis (Floor Hockey, Hamilton). We’re floored!

The vets of the field, I’m Too Old For This Shift (Soccer, Toronto), continue to show the rest of the field how it’s done, with over 62% of the votes in their head to head battle. Will they get their tongues tied against their next opponents, The Zig Zaggin Flag Snaggin Ragtag Braggin Bunch (Football, Kitchener-Waterloo Cambridge)? (or as we like to call them, TZZFSRBB. Much better, right?)

VOTE NOW for your favourite teams.

Voting ends on March 31st, and winners will move on to the Final Four.