Pigs Don’t Fly, but They do Play Water Polo: Exciting New League Offering!

SSC uses the rare bread of "porcus aquae", for its leagues.

Fun fact: the Sport & Social Club has always been a global leader in fun and innovative league options.

We’ve noticed the recent boom of goat yoga, which keeps people, and their rental goats, more centred and mentally focused than any of us could have ever imagined.  On the hooves of this caprine-focused craze, Sport & Social Club is preparing to push the edge of the rec-sports/domesticated farm animal fun envelope even further, with the new spring league “Pig Water Polo.”

What? Pigs swimming? Is that a thing? You bet it is. And if you think they are cute swimming around in the tropics, you should see them ready to duke it out in a game of water polo.

Snuffy is an excellent defender.

In this program, you get to enjoy pigs and water polo, all at the same time! Register for this exciting new league here, and find more details below:

  1. Teams will be 6 humans, 6 pigs per side.
  2. League will be 8 weeks of regular season play, with 2 weeks of playoffs.
  3. Cute pig water polo caps and matching human caps are included in fees.
  4. Teams will be responsible for calling their own pig’s fouls.
  5. All teams will be responsible for their own pig care, as well as any in-pool emergency clean-up that may occur.
  6. Teams may not substitute any other form of wildlife for rostered pigs.
  7. Team pigs must be on-leash at post-game sponsor bars.
  8. Team fees will include ethically-raised, free-range pigs from Lirpa Loof © Farms.

Don’t forget, your spring 2019 deadline is fast approaching! Find your nearest Sport & Social Club at https://sportsocial.club/.