The Final Four Is Set! – March Madness Team Name Challenge

Much like some of our daily work schedules, we went from eight to four, as we March (April?) to the Final Four!

Vote for your favourite teams to help them move on to the Championship in the Sport & Social Club March Madness Team Name Challenge.

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore, as KyrieOnMyHaywardSon (Basketball, Grand Rapids) fell to Mid-Ice Crisis (Floor Hockey, Hamilton) in the first match-up of the Elite Eight. Looks like they will join LeBron, as they sit out for the rest of the season.

In the second match-up, The Zig Zaggin Flag Snaggin Ragtag Braggin Bunch (Football, Kitchener-Waterloo Cambridge) proved to be a mouthful for I’m Too Old For This Shift (Soccer, Toronto), as the Toronto soccer team bit off more than they could chew. The football club trounced the soccer team, showing them what real football is (*cue crowd gasps & controversy*) with 74.07% of the votes.

The curling team from Toronto stayed true to their name by sweeping away their competition. Meryl Sweep (Curling, Toronto) showed the devil wears Prada and can curl to the button, as they breezed past Daj Mabal (Dodgeball, Kitchener-Waterloo Cambridge).

The final match-up of the Elite Eight was also the closest, as Man Chest Hair United (Soccer, Kitchener-Waterloo Cambridge) sneaked past Liver Let Die (Bar Games, Toronto) by only 3 votes!

VOTE NOW for your favourite teams.

Voting ends on April 6, with winners advancing to the Championship!