This trick works like a charm.

This method of courtship may be unconventional, but as anyone will tell you, love is rarely normal. So, take a lesson from Dave on how not to throw a frisbee and how to meet the one.

Leanna & Dave’s Story


“Dave and I met four years ago on the Frisbee field. He was just another cute guy until he hit me in the face. I had said to him that I’d been on teams where the guys would never throw the disc to the girls. Being a gentleman, each time he got the disc he tried to pass it to me, until BANG, one hit me hard in the face.

I sat out the rest of the game and Dave joined me on the sidelines to “take care” of me, and so we got to know each other. The chemistry was instant and mutual. Later he got me involved in playing and loving TSSC floor hockey, though at first I didn’t even know to hold the stick. We have since won championships and moved on to intermediate hockey!

Dave will proudly tell anybody who asks, that courting girls through a frisbee to the face, works every time.”

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