Thug4Life: Why a Sport & Social Club Member Got a Tattoo of our Logo on their Leg

Logos and brands can evoke a lot of different feelings in people.  Some of them can be not so good, others can be extremely positive.  Sport & Social Group has been fortunate to receive a lot of positive and motivating feedback from our members over the last 23 years, but we recently were made aware of a story about one member in particular who has become a raving fan of our community to a very high degree.  So much so that he had our logo tattoed on his leg.  Meet, John Opperman.

John, who grew up in Hopkins, Michigan (just south of Grand Rapids) moved to Grand Rapids after many years serving in the navy.  He was looking to stay active and meet new people, as Grand Rapids Sport & Social Club was a natural choice.  John loves flag football but has played in a bunch of different programs there in the last 7 years.  While clearly a person who loves sport, John’s connection with the SSC community drove a deep emotional response.  As he so eloquently told us, “Your home can feel foreign when you have been gone for a while…[Sport & Social Club] was a breath of fresh air.”
While a picture is worth a 1000 words, it’s a little more interactive to watch this full-length interview between John and Sport & Social Club CEO and founder, Kristi Herold.

Who will be the next SSC member for life?