Some registrations include a side of happily ever after.

Sometimes the best way to find your better half is by competing directly against them. Laura and James both signed up to play dodgeball for separate teams with TSSC, but it didn’t take long for them to meet. After two years playing against each other, they decided to finally play on the same team and excitedly announced they would be getting married.

“Thank you TSSC for running fantastic sports and social programs and allowing like-minded athletes to come together, throw balls at one another, and in this case spend the rest of their lives together.”

Meet our second couple this April, Nicholas and Erin.


In the winter of 2012, these two registered individually to play soccer at Lamport Stadium with TSSC. As it turns out, they were signing up for much more than a weekly workout with a group of strangers. Fast forward four years, they were back at Lamport taking engagement photos!

Thank you to both couples for sharing your love story with the Sport & Social community.

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