James Renwick & The Road to Becoming Softball Slim


This might just seem like an arbitrary number, but to our friend James Renwick, aka Softball Slim, this is his motivator. Through weight loss and staying active, James wanted to make a change and motivate people while doing it.

I was just so fed up with being so overweight my entire life. I thought I could inspire others by doing something I love – playing softball.

One day, an idea rose from the ever so famous shower thoughts, and Softball Slim was born. A father of two, James decided enough was enough and he wanted to be around for them.

I have 2 kids, and I worried that when I got older, I won’t be able to stay and play with them and be as active as I want to be. At the rate I was going, I may not have even made it to that opportunity.

Since March 28 of 2018, James has lost over 95 pounds as a result of dieting and getting active in Sport & Social Club programs.

As you might have guessed, softball is his go-to sport and James plays in our Mississauga leagues. Through his time with the Sport & Social Club, James has made plenty of connections, new friends and has memorable experiences hitting homers, laughing with his peers, and playing the hot corner.

If James were to give advice to people starting out on their weight loss journey, it would be to believe in yourself. The scales might not tip in your favour at first, but James gave this piece of advice: “just stick to it, believe in yourself, and don’t listen to what other people are telling you.

Check out the full interview with James and our Founder/CEO, Kristi Herold, below:

Thank you James for sharing your story with us! Make sure to follow along Softball Slim’s journey, as he becomes Softball Slimmer and Slimmer. @softball_slim

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