Lasting love – for the game

The saying “don’t change for someone else’’ stands true for almost all aspects of life, except when it comes to playing on a sports team, at least that was the case for Dave Keystone.

‘’I had been on a few dates with a girl I was developing a crush on, and she told me she plays volleyball and baseball.  I felt inadequate that I didn’t play any sports, and I was always envious of friends who play on teams.’’

That’s when Dave did a quick google search and found Toronto Sport & Social Club.

‘’I signed up a team within 24hrs, called a bunch of friends who never get called to play sports, and put together what is now The Kimmy Gibblers, a softball team.’’

‘’The next day I told the girl I’m the captain of a baseball team.  She was kind of impressed, but more so that I could whip together a team that quickly.’’

 ‘’We’re now a team of mostly non-athletes who can’t wait to play every week. We lose every game and we couldn’t be happier.  We lost 23-18 last game and it was our best loss yet. What we lose in points, we win back in spirit. Everyone is so happy to be playing, and it all started with a crush on a girl.”

Dave did find love, a love for the game.