Love is a gamble.

In the game of poker, a pair may not be the strongest hand you can play, but when it comes to the game of life, it trumps all else.

Jenny & Brent are a pair that know just how lucky they are to have made memories and friendships together, that will last a lifetime.

Jenny & Brent’s Story


“I went to the beach with another ball hockey player one afternoon. A good friend walked right through our frisbee game. What are the chances?

She invited us over for poker the night after. We agreed to go and that is where I officially met Brent, as well as his brother Todd, although I had seen them around for years. Now we are all super close friends and have put ball hockey teams together of our friends, which is SO much fun!

I always say that most of my best friends that I see on a very regular basis, I met through ball hockey.”

There you have it. Friends that ball hockey together, stay together.

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