Rivals to Romance

‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ – This turned out to be a smart strategy for Rob.

Rob and Catherine played against each other in Wednesday night indoor soccer for years before their rivalry would spark into a connection off the field.

Rob & Catherine’s story

At the time, I only knew her as the ‘woman in the yellow socks.’

”In conversation with her team captain, I discovered that my attraction to her was mutual.”

Although the two were never on the same team, they quickly discovered that they did in fact make a good team.

”Our separate teams would often end up at the same bar post-game, so I got to know her both on and off the field, and we made a lasting connection.”

”Within a few years, we were married AND had joined forces on the soccer field.”

So there’s the proof, you can turn your enemy to an ally and your ally into your wife!

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