How To Survive the (Dreaded) 11pm Game

Everyone hates playing at 11pm. We know it, we get it and we have to play them too! In the office there’s a collective groan when someone announces “I have the late game tonight”.

So then WHY do we make people play “in the middle of the night”?? Because venues make us. If you want to play at prime time (7pm to 10pm) you HAVE to take the 11pm timeslots. As a venue operator it makes sense….they know they can’t sell just 11pm timeslots, so they spread the “bad” around.

We understand it’s less than ideal. But there are definitely tactics you can use to make it manageable… maybe even enjoyable! So without further ado, I present you with 8 Tips To Surviving The Late Game, The SSC Edition.

8 tips to surviving the late game

1. Make a pact. Your schedule is posted and you see that you have two 11pm games. (Boo) But they are weeks away so you try to forget them. DON’T. Make a pact with your teammates that no one will bail on those games just because they are late. Get email confirmations, signatures in blood, whatever it takes to confirm they’re committed!Man drinking coffee

2. Caffeinate throughout the day. Normally I don’t drink coffee after 3pm, but all bets are off when I’m playing at 11pm. I have a double shot latte at 5pm and hope the caffeine keeps flowing through my veins well into the evening.

3. The Buddy System. Don’t forget, you’re not alone in this! Get together with your teammates before your game. Go for a drink or a bite to eat. Hope Alcoholyour opponents do the same so both teams are full from wings and beer.

4. Change your clock. Set your clock back 2 hours and convince yourself you have a 9pm game. Only look at that one clock and then go to your entirely reasonable “9pm” game.

5. Zen out. Ok you did it! You played your game and hopefully your team won.Once you started running around, it wasn’t so bad…just like playing at 7pm! But then you get home, realize it’s after midnight and you are WIRED. Now it’s time to create a sanctuary of relaxation. Might I recommend the Fall Asleep playlist on Songza. Keep the lights dimmed. Do some deep breathing. Now close your eyes….

Sleeping26. Don’t Panic. It’s 2am and you’re still wired. You start thinking about how tired you’re going to be tomorrow. Ignore those thoughts. Start your deep breathing again.

7. Brag to your Co-workers. The next morning your alarm goes off and you’re convinced there is a mistake but no, it’s time to get up. Put on extra make up to cover up the dark circles (guys too, I don’t judge). Then go to work and ask your co-workers what they got up co workerto the night before. When they ask you, you can tell them you were playing Soccer/Ultimate/Football at 11pm. They will look at you like you’re crazy! Playing sports that late?! This guy must be a super hero if he can play [insert sport name] at 11pm and still make it to work the next day. They will have new found respect for you.

8. Nap. It may not be advisable to sleep on the job but try to get in a quick 10 minute nap at some point. You may have to resort to under the desk for this, but if it’s good enough for George Constanza it’s good enough for you.*

George*SSC takes no responsibility for any disciplinary action that is caused by said nap.

~Written by Jennifer Filippelli

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