It’s all about the “social”

In the spring of 2000 Gemma Cutler headed out to the movies. Like most mild mannered individuals, she was expecting 2 hours of laid back entertainment. What she got instead was a decade worth of memories, laughs and friendships. Talk about putting the social in sport and social! This is Gemma’s story…


If you told me that a chance meeting in the spring of 2000 at the Carleton Rainbow Cinema with Tim, a university acquaintance, would have led to the formation of the Cheap Dates, an Ultimate team made up of friends – I might have believed it.

But what I probably wouldn’t have believed is everything else that came with it.

In the 10 years that followed I’ve shared more wins, losses, heartbreaking playoff games, championships, nachos, wings, and pints of beer than I could ever count. I’ve met new friends, friends of friends, acquaintances and co-workers of friends. And even when our ultimate careers ended, our friendship kept growing. This group is 15 years in the running and still going strong. And I owe it all to that first post-university summer playing ultimate with the Toronto Sport and Social Club.pic4

Here are some of the memories that have come out of joining a TSSC team:

  • pic6I am in on more inside jokes than I ever thought was possible.  I have also
    heard and continue to groan at the same inside jokes more times than I ever thought possible.
  • I’ve shared laughs, bottles of
    wine and kegs of beer at annual cottage weekends, enjoying rounds of Chairsbee (a made up game involving Frisbees and…well a chair), rib-offs, and many late night kitchen dance parties.pic2
  • I’ve celebrated many birthdays (and other milestones) with my former Cheapies, although the parties and social gatherings tend to end much earlier as a result of the number of mini-cheapies who have appeared on the scene….16 kids and counting!
  • At my wedding this summer out on the East Coast, Tim sat at a table with his wife and son, along with a number of other former Cheap Dates, all of whom I consider good friends.  I have also had the pleasure of celebrating many of my teammates’ weddings over the years.
  • And each winter we continue to get together for a ‘Best of’ Party, which if I tried to describe it would sound ridiculous – so all I’ll say is it involves road hockey, pizza, poker and listening to tunes from everyone’s top 20 albums of the previous year….for twelve hours. Seriously. It’s a ridiculously wonderful tradition that’s grown and evolved over the years, but one that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for acquaintances, friends and strangers coming together to play ultimate that first summer.

When Tim and I decided to register a team with the Toronto Sport and Social Club back in 2000, I never imagined the impact that playing on that team would have on the rest of my life.  We may have been known as the Cheap Dates, but I promise you, the experiences and memories have been truly priceless.Pic1

~Written by Gemma Butler (Guest Blogger)

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