A Short History of SSC

Tenacity (tuh-nas-i-tee) – characterized by extreme persistence in adhering to or doing something relentlessly e.g “you have to admire the tenacity of that Sport & Social Club director.”

The Sport and Social Club was not always the booming club it is today. In fact there was a moment in time when it was barely more than a handful of teams looking to play a few different sports. But the funny thing about dreams is that when they’re paired with hard work they can become a reality.  And that’s what happened when our founder and director, Kristi Herold, started the SSC with only 13 teams in 1996.  Hard work and belief in a dream has seen the club now grow close to 8000 teams annually.”

Here’s some insight into how she did it.

~Written by TSSC Admin

Want to be one of those 8000 teams? Sport & Social Club provides sports and programs for adults in the GTA. Check out www.torontossc.com for more info!