What did you do for the holidays?

We all spend the holidays in lots of different ways. Many of us go the traditional route – spending time with family, giving gifts, eating copious amounts of turkey, and rocking our PJs all day long. Afterwards, we promise our future self we’ll get rid of all those pounds were packing on (hey it’s the holidays right?).

It’s the perfect time to eat, drink and be merry, and if you can throw a few games in here and there, then I’d call that a success!

Wherever you spent the holidays, I hope you ate way too much food and had plenty of laughs with family and friends. Maybe you even managed to throw in an adventure or two!

Here’s a look at how some of us here at TSSC spent our holidays…




Another Christmas come and gone, another year is over! 2016 is the perfect time to do all those things that you didn’t get around to in years past. I won’t bore you with the whole “new year, new me” bullsh*t. All I can tell you is that you SHOULD write that blog, race that race, learn that guitar, drink that whiskey, run that mile or sign up for that class. Eat more bacon, make a new friend, save that dollar, plan that trip, read that book you bought last year, and take a risk. Whatever it is, jump into 2016 with all you’ve got because, with 363 days until 2017, there is no better time than now!  It’s back to life and back to reality, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!9

~Written by Katherine Force

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