An SSC Blog Year in Review

At the beginning of 2015, our Sport and Social Club decided to start a blog. We felt we had a great deal of commentary to make on the sports world in Toronto and beyond. And so we started on our journey of posting a new write-up every Monday.

Here are some of the highlights from the year:

That time when… Jesus made an appearance.


That time when…MLSE sold the ACC to TSSC.

new logo

That time when…Jaleel White found out about our blog.

Jaleel White

That time when…we re-wrote evolution.evolution

That time when…we all learned how to overcome a Rec League bully.


That time when…we provided you with a survival guide for the dreaded 11pm game.


That time when…we all made fun of our teammates.

By Rob Davies

That time when… we combined sex and sports.


That time when…we learned that playing Frisbee is much more than a hobby.


That time when… we learned how many cheeseburgers you can buy with 50 million dollars.


That time when… we figured out how to score a date.


…And then offered some dating advice.

Xs and Os

That time when…Captain Obvious showed up to give us all a lesson on

That time when… we learned how to throw like a girl.

frozen baseball

That time when… the Pan Am games came to town and we spent a month complaining about it.


That time when…we went global to find out where the rest of the world played their games.

That time when…we confessed how we really felt about refs.img20180825

That time when…we gave out our secret recipe for making the club such a success.Capture3

See you in 2016!

~Written by TSSC Admin

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