What Not to Wear: the SSC edition

With the new summer season approaching, we’re always impressed by the wide array of team outfits that we see out there. While some of you clearly put a lot of thought into your carefully crafted logos and matching uniforms, some people prefer the ‘change-into-whatever-clothes-you-can-find-while-running-onto-the-field’ method. And we want you to know that this is ok too.

Here is some unconventional sporting attire that may not be the most practical option, but will still let you get in the game and stand out from the crowd.


You look in your gym bag and realize you forgot to throw in your gym shorts in the rush to leave the house this morning . It is all good!  Jeans nowadays have a little stretch to them. And even if they do rip at least it’s in style!jeans

Sweat bands

Don’t let anyone mock you for donning your favourite Richard Simmons sweatband when you play sports. Part of the reason you are there is to get a work out in and this will help you look the part. Plus, it’s the best known defence against the dreaded sweat and sunscreen in the eyes.

sweat bands


Ladies, did you forget to pack your gym shoes? No problem! If Kate Middleton can play volleyball in skinny jeans and high heels, you can too. They may even give you that extra couple of inches to rain down your spikes over the net.

kate middleton

The Power Suit

Many of you have probably come to your games straight from work and have had that last minute panic that you forgot your gym clothes. This is most likely followed by “It’s ok, I can play in my work clothes.” You definitely can! If this guy can look like a baller then so can you!


Extra Bling

If you’ve watched the movie Dodgeball you know there’s more to the game than just dodging, dipping, diving, ducking and dodging. You also know there is no such thing as ‘appropriate’ dodgeball attire. As long as it’s not a safety issue, some tasteful accessories can go a long way to create team unity.


Just remember: it is less important what you are wearing but more that you are out there and having fun! If your team has awesome and/or unusual outfits, take a team photo and send it our way.

~ Written by Zoe Varga

Want to get out and active? We still have some spots left for Summer 2016! Check out www.playthefield.ca for more info on our leagues!