The Worst Jerseys of All Time

Okay, it’s time to vent about sports jerseys.

First I’d like to premise this by saying that in general I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. There are few things in life that really get me down. But when it comes to sports jerseys, I can’t help but channel my inner curmudgeon.  There is just something about a bad jersey that really grinds my gears!

A jersey is the face of your team. You get to the arena/stadium/diamond and see tens of thousands of fans united.  It’s a beautiful moment. So why waste that moment with a terrible jersey?!

Man, I’m worked up just thinking about all the awful jerseys I’ve seen throughout the years. But because I only have so much space to rant, and also happen to be a hockey guy, I’m focusing today’s list on the 10 worst NHL hockey jerseys of all time.

Here goes:

10) *Honourable Mention* Any European Hockey Team
Advertisements belong on the rink boards, not the jersey.  Figure it out.

9) Vancouver Canucks
Our friends on the left coast have come a long way from this early mistake.

8) Montreal Canadiens
The Habs decided to mess with their classic jersey for this Where’s Waldo experiment.  Bad decision.

7) Nashville Predators
The only place this terrible mustard colour belongs is on my hot dog.


6) Phoenix Coyotes
This was their first attempt at a jersey/logo, so I really wanted to give them a pass.  But I can’t.  Woof.

5) New York Islanders
This looks more like an advertisement for Captain Highliner’s fish sticks than a hockey team.

4) Tampa Bay Lightning. 
Waaaaaay too much going on here.  Its a tornado of awfulness.

3) LA Kings
This is not a great one.  The Kings went from one of the best jerseys, to one of the worst with this monstrosity. Sorry Gretzky.

2) St. Louis Blues
I think I just went deaf and blind.

1) The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
The great Gordon Bombay would be ashamed.  Stellar movie, awful jersey.

What did I leave out?  Comment below with your pick for worst jersey of all time!

~ Written by Calum McCullough

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