Sport & Social Office Culture

This week,  it was announced that the SSC Head Office will be moving to the Yonge/Eglinton area in the fall.  We are all very excited for the upcoming move!

It has been almost a dozen years in our current office – located just north of civilization and just south of the snowbelt.  Despite (or perhaps in part due to) its quirky location on a mostly industrial street, the work environment has always been fun and inspiring due to our incredibly strong office culture.

Let me take you through a few examples of what makes us tick.

Our Core Values: Words to work (and live) by.

  • Deliver what you promise.
  • Take pride in what you do.
  • Live and breathe SSC.
  • Get shit done.
  • Treat every member like your best friend.
  • Be a Tigger not an Eeyore.


Office Design: Free and flowing

Things I will miss from the old office: Bright and airy space, basketball hoop on the wall, gym lines on the floor, parquet floors.

Things I will NOT miss from the old office: dumpster cats, our neighbour Junkyard Jim, the nearby organic mattress store.


Mayor of SSC: The all controlling figure-head in the office (for a season)

I must admit, we borrowed this concept from our friends at G Adventures. Every 4 months, we elect an office mayor.  Mayor responsibilities include: planning social gatherings, remembering birthdays and solving petty conflicts (sometimes with monetary fines). As a reward, our mayor gets a special coffee cup, office prestige and a dedicated parking spot!


Cheeseburger Cakes

So, you are not a dessert guy but they make you eat crappy cake on your birthday? Not around this place. Just last Friday, Chris got to choose his own birthday treat. Answer: Mcdonalds burger cake, assembled by Taylor and Zoe. Ice cream with your McChicken?


Staff Trips

Hitting our annual goals sometimes equates to getting our feet on a beach in November. Past locations have included tropical spots such as Jamaica, Turks & Caicos and even Barrie!  Team bonding, as well as creative work solutions, can be accelerated with adult beverages. And yes, we totally dominate the all-inclusive beach volleyball scene.



When new employees hit their 1 year anniversary, they receive an official SSC jersey. Their name goes on the back, and their jersey # represents the year they started. That makes me the office Gretzky – just saying. Jerseys hang on display in the rafters.


St. Patrick’s Day Cup.

Annual staple. Death match in the parking lot. Rite of passage for new employees. Pictured below is the famous match from 2013 requiring triple overtime. That’s right – no shootouts!


Family Style Eating

Since the first day of the company, we have all pretty much eaten lunch together as a group.  Logistically, this was a lot easier when there was just 3 of us. Nowadays, we still try to make a point of eating together, with 12:30pm being the official go-time. Over the years, culinary delights such as Crock Pot Fest and Taco Tuesday have become rituals. Featured here, is a photo of us devouring the McCake mentioned above.



SSC Running Club

What is the best way to avoid falling asleep during your desk during that dreaded 2:30pm lull?  Throw down a 5K midday.


(Totally staged photo, even though Sandeep is really selling it. Who runs in sandals?)

~ Written by Rob Davies

We look forward to seeing you all at our new office in the fall!  In the meantime, if you are looking to get active, check out our sports lineup!