Sport & Social Group “Go Play Days”

Conceptual road sign indicating Long Weekend Ahead

I’ve always loved listening and learning from others and their experiences.  Over 20 years ago, when the Sport & Social Club was still in its infancy, I heard about a company that provided “Summer Hours”, allowing staff to leave the office at lunchtime on Fridays during the summer months.  Canadian summers are short, having the opportunity to extend the weekend or hit the road and beat traffic heading to cottage country was a huge perk!

Sport & Social Group team member with arm out car window
Beat weekend traffic, Sport & Social Group team members get out of the office early to enjoy longer summer weekends.

As the Sport & Social Club grew and I started hiring staff, I was inspired by the workplace I’d heard about years before and we implemented our own summer hours we now call “Go Play Days”.  Now, at our growing Sport & Social Group –with operations in 7 cities and counting– we encourage our staff to use “Go Play Days” as often as they can from the May long weekend through until Labour Day.

Sport & Social Group team members jumping into a lake

How “Go Play Days” work at the Sport & Social Group:

  • Check in with your team leader and get confirmation it’s ok to use a “Go Play Day” a week in advance.  
  • Team leader ensures enough of the team will be around to cover work in the office for the coming Friday afternoon and provides confirmation.
  • Teams self-manage ensuring an appropriate number of our team stay in the office to help customers.
  • Teammates using “Go Play Days” are then expected to plan ahead and work a little harder and longer during the week to ‘get shit done’ (one of our SSG core values) before Friday.  
  • Friday lunchtime, teammates taking “Go Play Days”, take off to enjoy an extended summer weekend!

Pros & Cons:

Get your team enjoying “Go Play Days”!  Get out of the office and play, enjoy longer summer weekends.  

#KeepPlaying #workhardplayhard

Sport & Social Group Team April 2018
Great teams always need to recharge their batteries!