Member Experience Survey: Winter 2018

At long last, we are experiencing some fantastic summer weather in the GTA and no one is happier than you, our Sport & Social Club members!

As we soak up the sun and forge ahead with the spring season, we wanted to take a moment to look back upon our winter 2018 season and share some of the important feedback we received from our seasonal Member Experience Survey.


  • Overall Experience: 8.23/10
  • How Likely are You to Recommend the SSC?: 8.62/10
  • Net Promoter Score: 51.4

As always, improving the SSC member experience is our top priority and we continue to focus on improving every facet of our club; from the registration process, to your first game, right up to the end of season awards party!  Our member feedback is an invaluable resource and we thank each and every member who took the time to complete our seasonal survey.


Our Member Experience team reviews every comment that is submitted to our survey and we recognize that we definitely have room to improve for you. Here are some important things that are happening because of your feedback:

  • Program Innovation.  Our program menu continues to evolve as we strive to provide you with as many dedicated location programs as possible.  We continue to focus on securing additional high-quality facilities as well as downtown locations.  We are also looking into ways we can minimize 10pm and 11pm game times with some creative programming options.
  • Engagement with on-site staff. We continue to put a strong focus on the training and development of our team of on-site Event Coordinators, referees, and coaches.  We have seen great success with the implementation of our seasonal review and a “secret shopper” program (both will continue through the summer season).
  • Defaulted Games. We know that there are few things more frustrating than showing up to your game ready to play and having your opponents no show.  Our Member Experience team follows up with each defaulting team to ensure this will not happen again and we are exploring options that may financially penalize repeat offenders.

Thanks again for taking the time and effort to complete the seasonal survey and provide us with this valuable feedback.  We want to make your SSC experience the best part of your day, so please, KEEP THE FEEDBACK COMING!  You can expect to receive our next member survey in August.

And don’t forget… the deadline for summer registration is June 12th!  If you have not signed up to get your summer sports fix, check out all available leagues and programs at

The Sport & Social Club Member Experience Team